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Sep 24, 2012 3:15am EDT
example. let's say one lived in iraq -- arizona and had a handful of properties she owned and wanted to sell. she chose to carry the loans on them. she was going to act on the bank -- as the bank on it. she does half a dozen of these in one year. do you think someone will fall into your purview? >> no. well, i do not think we have -- i am not clear we have anything to do with person to person lending if it is not -- i do not think it falls under the broader provision. i have to go back and look at that. i would say it would not be any kind of priority for us as we are trying to allocate resources. the things that are broader patterns of potential consumer harm are the things we should prioritize. i would have to go back and look that. >> if you could and let me know, i have seen in arizona where certain subdivisions have been subdivided where the old farmer or rancher of that owned the land cases it up and sells it and carries back the loans for 10 years. those sort of things. will they be pulled into another regulatory scheme? in a previous life, i was the treasury of the county. one o
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1